Road Trip Essentials

Chances are, this isn’t your first rodeo and you've had countless holiday trips around the countryside with the family and the crew in tow. But before you start loading up with everything except the kitchen sink, checking your vehicle and staying on top of your gear that might need to be replaced or upgraded is the best place to start.

Even for the most seasoned explorer, it’s easy to become complacent and a little too casual as each new trip pops up. While you might have the routine down pat, there’s nothing like a quick refresher to check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

Head-to-toe service

You know your vehicle better than anyone and you definitely love your vehicle more than anyone, so there’s no doubt it’s up-to-date with servicing. But life can get the better of us, things get busy, and the ‘must-dos’ turn into the ‘will-do-eventually' which is why, in the lead up to a road trip, prioritising a service is important.  

  • Check all suspension for squeaks, creaks and loose bolts
  • Fluid leaks are a big ol’ no-no, so if you see one, get it checked ASAP 
  • Tyres get you there and back; it’s a no-brainer that regular rotations are a must and the right, high-quality tyre for the job will go a long way. 

4wd being serviced

Tool kit

Rather than writing an intelligent paragraph about the importance of toolkits, we’re going to take a stab in the dark and assume that, since you’re here, you’re no stranger to the old kit and kaboodle in the boot. Most importantly, keeping your inventory stocked and ready to go is easy to forget if it’s been a while between trips. The best piece of advice we can share is to refill it after your trip while you remember what’s what and there’s no question about whether you have everything you need next time you hit the road.   

  • Allen key tool set 
  • Socket wrench set with extension bars
  • Spanner Set
  • Adjustable spanner 
  • Standard and Phillips screwdriver set 
  • Pliers
  • Vice grips 
  • Hammer
  • Tyre pressure gauge 
  • Jumper leads 
  • Portable air compressor 
  • Electrical and duct tape 
  • Cable ties 
  • Toilet Paper

Working underneath car

Solo Recovery Gear

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time getting bogged on purpose (we know, it’s a tough gig) and there are a few staples that are non-negotiables in our books when it comes to road trips and recovery gear.

Rated recovery points, bow shackles, straps, a high lift jack and a few recovery boards will get you out of many sticky situations.

A winch is also a great idea, however this can be a very expensive addition as it requires more items fitted to your vehicle; see our blog here for more information.

TRED Pros are the world’s most advanced solo recovery boards and are made for the harshest environments.

While there’s a good chance you will have a few helping hands, having confidence in your gear to perform and do the job will give you peace of mind if things turn pear-shaped along the route. 

Blue recovery board

Safety Kit

What should be a high priority (and should also be a no-brainer in any vehicle, let alone an off-road rig) is an up-to-date first aid and snake bite kit in the 4x4.

There are plenty of safety first aid kits out there that make it easy to know how many of a specific item you should have, and they’re definitely not something you’ll want the cheapest of either. Most of us hope we won’t have to use it, but ensuring you have a comprehensive and fully-stocked first-aid kit will help you explore with confidence.

Most holiday seasons mean the chance to get out and about and to make the most of a few days off, however, it shouldn’t come at the cost of being unprepared. TRED has a history of developing and testing our products that stand the test of time. Our rigorous product testing and development is a testament to the expertise spanning the team. Don’t be left in the dark on your next trip, Easter or otherwise, and be sure to have a recovery kit that even the most experienced adventurers wouldn’t leave home without. 

Medical safety kit


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