TRED Outdoors Purchases Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs

We’re thrilled to announce our recent purchase of Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs!

Just like TRED, Ezy Anchor was started by a few Aussies who knew there had to be a better way of doing things. 

As we welcome Ezy Anchor into the TRED Outdoors family, we hope you’re as excited as we are to see how, together, we can take adventuring to the next level – no matter where you are in the world. 

Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs keeping camping awning secure

What are Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs?

Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs are a revolutionary camping device that has changed the game for camping in testing weather conditions. 

The way the screw pegs are positioned — at a 30-degree angle — creates incredible resistance in the ground while under load, while the signature hook shape prevents any guy lines coming loose in intense weather.

Not only are Ezy Anchor’s pegs incredibly resilient to whatever Mother Earth wants to throw their way, they are also super easy to set up and take down. 

Instead of bending over to hammer away at traditional tent pegs, you can now quickly secure the screw pegs using a cordless hand drill. 

In short, Ezy Anchor screw pegs, combined with their Australian-made attachment points, create a product that is truly safe, secure and strong.  

Close up of Ezy Anchor attachment point in grass


Ezy Anchor’s bright and distinctive colour has been deliberately chosen, to ensure the highest possible visibility regardless of light conditions – day or night. 

Plus, for those adventurers with kids (or just prone to clumsiness), Ezy Anchor’s low profile and counter sunk screw peg washer head results in all surfaces being rounded with no exposed metal. In other words, fewer bumps, bruises or tears if someone trips over.


Through its unique design and constant trial and error, Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs ensure your guy lines remain secure in severe weather conditions. 


When installed correctly, Ezy Anchor will retain its structural integrity in incredibly trying weather conditions. Ezy Anchor will never give way or elongate to the point where awning, tent or pop-up structure is damaged. 

Close up of Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Peg with hand drill

The engineering behind Ezy Anchor

The Ezy Anchor team boasts over 23 years’ experience working with geotechnical engineers, developing project designs for marine piled structures, like wharves, jetties, commercial marinas and piled moorings in all locations from Darwin to Port Lincoln, to the Pacific. 

Through this, the team learned a thing or two about what works where and the extensive range of ground types. 

This understanding led to Ezy Anchor’s unique design, in which the thread is greater than the shaft and the pitch of the thread offers maximum in-ground holding capacity. 

Clever design is consistent across all the products on offer through Ezy Anchor. For example, the Ezy Anchor Rope Gripper’s ingenious design keeps your guy ropes completely secure in stormy or severe weather. 

The Ezy Anchor Adjustable Chord Clothesline’s design lets you set up a secure clothesline in minutes, no matter your set up.  

Why did we purchase Ezy Anchor?

Peter and Lydia past owners of Ezy Anchor

Like TRED Outdoors, Ezy Anchor was started by Aussies who are adventurers first, businesspeople second. 

Through 25+ years of camping and caravanning experience, the Ezy Anchor team knows a thing or two about what our community wants.

Together, TRED and Ezy Anchor look to propel our passion forward into the next generation. 


What can we expect from TRED Outdoors and Ezy Anchor?

Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs securing tent guy lines in soft dirt

With our recent purchase of Ezy Anchor, the range of high-quality outdoor and adventure products available to our customers has expanded! 

While it’s only just the beginning, it’s exciting times for both TRED and Ezy Anchor’s existing customers, as well as the wider adventure community. 

Together, we’re committed to bringing you innovative outdoor and adventure products, with the same quality, reliability and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from TRED Outdoors. 

Watch this space…


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