TRED Mounting Baseplate $20.00

TRED Mounting Baseplate


The TRED Mounting Baseplate makes the installation of recovery boards easier, and more secure due to the pin location slots, recesses and covers within the Baseplate design. 

The recessed slots on the front face of the baseplate have been set for correct alignment of the TRED Mounting Pins (sold separately) to align with the recovery boards mounting pattern perfectly. 

The Baseplate includes multiple design allowances for permanently mounting the Baseplate with things like self-tapping screws, bolts, straps or even a less permanent situation like using heavy-duty cable ties.

Using a more secure system like bolts to fix the plate down onto the surface, then covering the hardware with the supplied Baseplate covers, completes the install. It also adds a tamper-proof system, making it harder to remove the pins from the Baseplate and the whole Baseplate off the vehicle when the boards are mounted. 

Couple this with the locking features within the pin design, you have a secure method of mounting our investment to your vehicle. 

- Suits both Threaded & Quick Release Pins*
- Designed for various fixing options
- Suits TRED Mount Baseplate Adapter Kits*
- Flush Slot Covers included
- Recessed Plate Mount Securing Holes
- Australian Made
- 12 Month Warranty  

What's Included:
1 x Centre Cover
2 x Slot Covers
1 x Baseplate

* Pins and Adapters sold separately

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