TRED Quick Release Mounting Pins 112.5mm (Pair) $42.00

TRED Quick Release Mounting Pins 112.5mm (Pair)


The TRED Quick Release Mounting Pins are sold as a pair and are designed to easily and securely mount your recovery boards to your vehicle, trailer or caravan. The unique design will mount two TRED GT, HD or Pro model recovery boards whilst allowing the option of a padlock for added security.


What's Included:
2 x TRED 112.5mm/4.4" Quick Release Mounting Pins
2 x TRED Ratchet Handles
2 x Stainless Steel M6 Button Socket Head Cap Bolts
2 x Stainless Steel M6 Washers (12mm/0.47" O.D.)
2 x Stainless Steel M6 Washers (17mm/0.67" O.D.)
2 x Rubber Spacers (Grommets)


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  • M6 Threaded base design 
    • With the M6 threaded base design, you’re able to secure these pins easily onto a variety of surfaces. Depending on your installation, mounting location and brackets used, you might require four Pins for optimum security and stability. For vertical, side, or anything other than flat mounting of recovery boards, we highly recommend using two sets of Mounting Pins.
  • Pairs with TRED Mounting Baseplate
    • When paired with a TRED Mounting Baseplate** (SKU: TMBP01**), the installation is more secure and easier to mount due to the pin location slots, recesses and covers within the Baseplate design. 
      ** Not included, sold separately.
  • Work on other branded recovery boards
    • These pins will also work on other branded recovery boards. To ensure fitment is possible check the stacking height measurement - the TRED Quick Release Mounting Pin has a securing height range of 20-34mm (0.8-1.34") while maintaining the locking feature.
  • 12 Month Warranty
    • With great quality, comes great confidence.
  • Australian Made
    • Proudly Australian made, owned and operated by 4x4 enthusiasts.