TRED Pro Mounting Bracket $59.99

TRED Pro Mounting Bracket



The TRED Pro Mounting Bracket is suitable for TRED Pro, TRED HD, TRED GT, TRED 1100, TRED 800 & MAXTRAX.

TRED Pro Mounting Bracket has been designed to perfectly suit and secures the entire range of Total Recovery and Extraction Devices (TRED's). Designed to be easy to mount in a variety of ways and allows you to mount a set (pair) of the same model (i.e. TRED Pro, TRED HD, TRED GT, TRED 1100, TRED 800, MAXTRAX, and some other brands) perfectly nested.



  • 2 x Ratchet Handles
  • 2 x Aluminium Pins
  • 2 x Slot Covers
  • 1 x Centre Cover
  • 1 x Base Plate
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Screws & Washers

Please note. TRED Pro Mounting Bracket comes as a single unit. Fastening hardware not included.

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    • Corrosion Resistant 
      • Made from the highest quality aluminium and polypropylene
    • Lockable with 6mm Padlock (TRED Pro model only)
      • Protect your TRED's from theft
    • Australian Made
      • Proudly Australian made, owned and operated by 4x4 enthusiasts
    • Quick Release Twist 
      • When you need to get your TRED's in a hurry
    • Easy & Versatile Installation 
      • Tie, strap, bolt or screw to virtually anywhere
    • 12 Month Warranty
      • With great quality, comes great confidence
    • Can I mount Two Sets (pairs) of TRED's?
      • In order to fit two sets (4 units) of TRED Pro, TRED HD, TRED GT, TRED 1100 or TRED 800, extensions pins are required. Lockable with 6mm Padlock feature works with TRED Pro models only. To purchase Extensions Pins please click the link below: 
        Purchase TRED Pro Mounting Bracket Extension Pins
    • How many TRED Pro Mounting Bracket's do I need? 
      • The TRED Pro Mounting Bracket is sold as a single unit (as pictured). Depending on our fitting requirements you may need to purchase two units. 
      • Suitable For: 
        • TRED Pro
        • TRED HD
        • TRED GT
        • TRED 1100
        • TRED 800